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The Palestinian economic strategy being developed is export-oriented and outward looking. The Palestinian economy has already begun the process of integrating with regional and international economies through a network of free trade agreements and trade associations.

Current short-term goals focus on improving access to foreign markets and overcoming the obstacles hindering the movement of people, goods and services to these markets.

Investment in Palestine is being encouraged not merely to increase the size of the economy, but also to increase private sector employment, generate income, and improve living standards. A move towards increased per capita prosperity will additionally have the overall effect of potentially stabilizing tensions in the region, if achieved in tandem with a just political settlement. A just peace and prosperity within the West Bank and Gaza
Strip is not only good for us, but it’s good for Israel and the Middle East as a whole.


Law on the Encouragement of Investment

The State of Palestine has created a framework of economic laws to encourage and support foreign and local investment in Palestine. The implementing agency is the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA). These laws were drafted to help protect potential investors from undue risk and to promote the profitability of their investment. The Law on Encouragement of Investment encourages capital investment in all sectors of the Palestinian economy by both local and foreign corporations registered to do business in Palestine. The Palestine hopes that increased capital investment growth will generate jobs, and help to develop an export-oriented manufacturing base.


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